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Sara Meeks:

Osteoporosis: A Comprehensive Treatment Strategy Level 1

Seminar Held at C.H.O.O.S.E. Physical Therapy, Spring 2011

C.H.O.O.S.E. Physical Therapy can provide evaluation, treatment and education for patients utilizing the Sara Meeks approach.  The Sara Meeks Program is a comprehensive evaluation and treatment approach designed to prevent, arrest and/or reverse the common patterns of postural change that occur as, but not necessarily because, people age.

Below is a list of the high points of her program:

1.  Assessment
2.  Education
3.  Specific Exercises
4.  Body Mechanics
5.  Postural Correction
6.  Balance
7.  Weight Bearing Exercises
8.  Modalities
9.  Bracing
10. Breathing
11. Relaxation
12  Advanced Exercises

Sara M. Meeks, P.T., M.S., G.C.S., K.Y.T.
  • is a Physical Therapist with nearly 50 years clinical experience,
  • has spent over 25 years specializing in the unique management implications of persons with osteopenia and osteoporosis, and
  • has developed an easy, effective, comprehensive, site-specific, 12-part program for the conservative management of persons with osteopenia, osteoporosis, postural problems and back pain.

Osteoporosis: A Comprehensive Treatment Strategy Level 1

In this two day course, Sara presents a comprehensive approach to the management of persons with osteoporosis, osteopenia, and postural problems which is also useful for spinal stenosis and back pain. Included is regularly up-dated information on definitions, pathology and epidemiology of osteoporosis. The program includes a complete patient assessment, site-specific exercise program, postural correction, balance, gait, body mechanics during activities of daily living, use of foam rollers for balance and core strengthening, scapular stabilization exercises with resistance band, information on use of treatment modalities as they pertain to osteoporosis, and guidelines for advanced exercises (e.g., in the gym, Yoga, Pilates etc.) Therapists who take this course can then give good advice to patients seeking information about safety in movement in environments other than the physical therapy clinic. This course has been approved for CEU's in many states and has been taught at both APTA Annual Conference and Combined Sections Meeting as a pre-conference course. Contact us for information on CEU's in your state.

As stated by Sara Meeks:
" I have a dream that someday every person, regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, lifestyle or any other factor, who has the condition of low bone mass (osteopenia) and/or skeletal fragility (osteoporosis,) will be able to enter a physical therapy practice, gym, fitness center, senior exercise class or any other facility or class where movement is being taught, and that person will be given a program that is #1 SAFE! "

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