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Why choose our practice?


 You will receive one-on-one care at each treatment session with a physical therapist. This time with each patient allows us a “hands on” approach and builds a relationship between therapist and patient to optimize recovery. Our practice is also unique in the level of professional experience within our staff.  We work together, with a team approach to improve the lives of our patients and help them achieve their goals. When contacting other physical therapy practices, ask if you will be seen ONE- on-ONE and by a physical therapist EACH session. 

What Makes Our PTs Different ?


 Our physical therapists strive to provide evidence based treatment. With an ever growing body of evidence, our staff aims to bring you the latest in treatment and modalities. CHOOSE is a host site for a variety of continuing education; therefore our therapists are able to constantly participate in courses to develop new skills. Along with our growing toolkit of knowledge, between our therapists we have 115 years of clinical experience, which allows us to bring the best care to our patients.

Get Back to Your Lifestyle


  C.H.O.O.S.E. physical therapists will establish a relationship, in order to determine what is important to you. We emphasize education and self management of individual conditions to facilitate independence.  Our goal is to hasten recovery, prevent relapses and ultimately to maximize the potential for return to all enjoyable social and recreational activities. 

What Makes Our Practice Different?

Our Therapists

Amy W. Welsh


Amy has 38 years experience as a  physical therapist and is the onsite owner/manager. She has extensive experience with all types of orthopedic injuries, seeing patients from 21 days old to 101 years young. She is a certified manual therapist through Maitland (MAPS), and an orthopedic certified specialist,. She enjoys working with golfers and baseball/softball players. 

Patrice Schroeder


Patrice graduated from California State University, Long Breach in May 1995. She is a certified Lymphedema Specialist.

Tracy McGowan


Tracy is a licensed physical therapist, with over 25 years experience  and a comprehensive background in orthopedics and sports medicine. Tracy earned her Doctorate in Physical Therapy and a certification as a manual therapist from University of St. Augustine. She has an experience in treating  runners,dancers and athletes both preventative and post operative.

Martin Daszykowski


Martin has  a Doctorate of Physical Therapy and a certification as a manual therapist through the Ola Grimsby Institute.  He also pursued and obtained certification with kinesiotaping techniques.  He has a strong background  in research based exercise programs and has previous experience as a personal trainer.  He is a credentialed clinical Instructor through the APTA.  He enjoys working the  surgical and athlete  population.

Cera Heitkamp


Cera has her Doctorate in Physical Therapy with a  certification as Sports  Certified Specialist. She is currently  pursuing her certification as a manual therapist through St Augustine. She enjoys working with athletes who are injured and looking to get back on the field or even those looking to improve current physical condition.  She is performs gait and running analysis, and pilots our physical therapy annual physical program for custom exercises. She has an  interest in foot and ankle injuries 

Our Unique Services

Class IV Laser


    This is a modality that reduces inflammation and decreases pain by stimulating cellular activity and enhancing the body’s own healing powers. Laser Therapy is effective in treating acute pain, arthritic pain, chronic conditions, and post-op pain. Treatment times typically are 5-15 minutes and sessions are administered over a 2 to 3 week period. Many patients experience immediate relief in symptoms. The healing process including inflammation reduction, continues after the laser application for up to 24 hours. 

PT Annual Physical Exam


  Physical Therapist are movement experts. This is a comprehensive program designed to assess individual movement patterns, understand muscle imbalances and compensatory movement changes, as well as risk for future injury. Your physical therapist will prescribe an appropriate strengthening and stretching program to modify poor movement patterns, to maximize performance and decrease potential for injury. 

Gait and Running Analysis


  Runners of all types will benefit from a 2 D running analysis to improve technique, enhance running economy, establish appropriate footwear and decrease risk for injury. Runners will be evaluated, videotaped and have their gait pattern analyzed. They will undergo education on the findings and recommendations by our running expert.

Gravity Fit Centre


   Do you want to improve your posture?

 Safely increase deep core strength? Improve your performance? This program is based on more than 30 years of research incorporating the effect of gravity and posture with exercise. 



  Whole body vibration enhances the effect of gravity, which in turn, stimulates postural and deep core muscles to help  improve bone density and core strength through weight-bearing activities and exercise. 

Golf Program

Achieve better posture, flexibility, rotational core strength and balance to maximize distance and a

Want to improve your golf game?

Improve posture at address, rotational core strength, balance and flexibility for maximal distance and accuracy.  Call for an appointment and consult  with one of physical therapy experts today!

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