FAQ's & Services Provided

What is Physical Therapy?

Physical therapists are movement experts that are unique in their ability to understand the potential causes of pain and dysfunction. We treat our patients, using advanced manual therapy, techniques to improve soft tissue and joint mobility. We use modalities as needed, to achieve our goals for pain and dysfunction. We educate the patient for self management of their condition and establish home exercise programs. We coordinate with other health care professionals to maximize the patient’s success for recovery. 

I have been to physical therapy before and it did not help...Why should C.H.O.O.S.E be able to help me?

  Physical Therapy services vary significantly from one facility to another. There are many levels of expertise and varied approaches to rehabilitation.  If you have not been happy in the past do not give up on therapy, just seek another opinion. Many facilities do not allow the therapist the ability to give the one-on-one care needed to optimize recovery.  Many of our patients have experienced repetitive exercise and little to no “hands on” treatment at other facilities, and have significantly improved with our approach. 


I am in a lot of pain. I am afraid to exercise. Can you help me?

We strive is to get the pain under control first. This is accomplished through by patient education, and an understanding of what activities or movements are increasing and decreasing the pain. We use manual techniques, modalities and a establish a home exercise program.    As pain is decreasing, the exercise program will be progressed, building strength from the small spinal stabilizers to the large global muscles, with emphasis always on proper form and proper movement patterns to change muscle imbalances.  Compliance with a home exercise program and behavioral modification for activities is essential for recovery.  

Can I come directly to physical therapy?


You may come directly to physical therapy; In the state of Florida you do not need a referral or prescription for physical therapy* Call us if you believe you are a candidate for physical therapy.

          *Some types of insurance such as Medicare and motor vehicle accidents require a physician be involved in your care from the start of treatment. Usually HMO plans require a referral and authorization, which must be obtained prior to starting therapy or following the first visit.

 Please note we are allowed to see a patient that is a candidate for physical therapy for 30 consecutive days, if treatment is needed beyond 30 days we must coordinate with a physician.  

Do you work with athletes?

 Yes. ! Athletes of all ages and abilities. 

Physical therapists understand compensatory movement patterns and can retrain an athlete to maximize performance. We can often see movement patterns that place an athlete at risk for injury and can educate for injury prevention. We perform Functional Movement screening and gait/ running analysis.  Evaluation may also include a bio-mechanical analysis of the sport specific activity or activities, that may be contributing to the current condition or injury with a treatment and exercise program designed to return the athlete to his or her sport at a higher level of performance 

Do you see post surgical patients?

 We work closely with local physicians to provide rehabilitation for post surgical orthopedic patients for spine, hip, knee, shoulder, foot, ankle, TMJ and hand injuries. We also have experience with general surgery, and cancer patients and their post-surgical rehabilitation. 


Should I go In-network or out of network for my care?

Where you decide to attend therapy is a personal decision which is influenced by location, recommendations, and of course finances.  We urge you to always seek out quality care.   * * *Please be aware that many insurance companies have cut reimbursement so severely to their in-network providers, that it is difficult to provide comprehensive services, often requiring providers to carry out abbreviated sessions, which ultimately require more visits to achieve treatment goals.  Going out of network may be necessary to achieve quality care, and may even cost less money.   

If you choose not attend therapy at our facility, we will offer assistance in finding another quality facility that will meet your needs. 

What Modalities do you have available?

Ultrasound, electrical stimulation including functional electrical stimulation, Russian electrical stimulation, Inferential current, Iontophoresis, and TENS,phonophoresis, lumbar traction, cervical traction, and  laser therapy. 

Modalities are utilized as needed, to enhance your recovery and compliment the manual techniques and exercise programs. 

Will Class IV laser help me?

This innovative and effective technology offers pain relief, reduced swelling, and increased healing time. When this light interacts with damaged cells, cellular respiration is improved, inflammation is reduced and pain decreases. If you are interested, following an evaluation to determine if you are a candidate for this modality, we offer a free trial to assess your response. 

How long are your sessions?

Expect the first session and all subsequent sessions to be around an hour .Sessions may vary from 45 minutes to an 90 minutes, pending the plan for each individual patient,